Couple’s Birth Preparation

These workshops are designed to enable women and their birth partners to practice for the big day. They will discuss the experience of birth, how to make things easier for the mother and how birthing partners can provide support during labour.

The information and practices included in the workshop give both partners the confidence to let go of any fear surrounding the birth of their baby.

The workshops will be practical as well as informative and will cover:

Positions and movements for all stages of labour, including supported positions. Jane will show partners how to physically support the mum and how to facilitate their comfort in independent positions.

Emotional support. It is profoundly important for both the mum and their partner to create a positive environment. Jane provides information on how to achieve this.

Breathing techniques. Using the breath as a tool to manage pain and to conserve energy.

Relaxation techniques. When a mother is able to relax during the first stage of labour, contractions can be more efficient.

Massage, simple and effective massage for relaxation and to promote ease in birth.

The workshops suit women from 30 weeks of pregnancy. They can be arranged with other pregnant friends, or as private sessions. The workshops are designed to be attended with a birth partner. Jane may be able to come to your home, or she can help to organise a venue locally.