Yoga in Sheffield

I hold one group yoga class in Sheffield:

Monday evenings in Norton Lees, at the Methodist Church Hall on Derbyshire Lane – 7pm til 8pm

The class fee is £10. Please pay this if you have spare cash for self care. But if money feels tight, (I absolutely understand this), you can choose to pay £9, £8 or as low as £7. You can make the decision yourself, and if sometimes you earn more or less money, you can always change your mind.

The classes are suitable for everybody. I have been teaching for 20 years and am good at adapting the physical stuff for everybody including beginners, super fit bods, pregnant women, postnatal people, and people with uncomfortable bits. Ask me if you have any particular pains or limitations, I can almost certainly work something out for you. One of my skills is helping every person in the room find the best way of practicing to suit their body. I am also very good at facilitating peace and calm, with luxurious breathwork and relaxation.

You’ll just need a yoga mat and a blanket, (or anything else you think would make you extra cosy in the lying down bit of the class). If you haven’t yet got a mat, ask me to bring one of my spares.

Yoga is such a wonderful way of understanding how to take care of your body and to find space and joy in your life. Get in touch if this sounds like something you need.

I also offer private classes, in person or via video call.  In most cases the cost for an hour’s private tuition is £60. If I need to travel far to get to you, it’ll be a bit more. I am more than happy for this fee to be shared between two or three people if that helps, as long as your house, or chosen venue, has enough space. Or you could indulge in the luxury of a class that is just for you. The great thing about private classes is that they can be styled exactly how you like them. Restorative or vibrant, challenging or very gentle. I have many years of experience with all kinds of different people. and I love creating experiences to perfectly suit you.

You can get me via email