Fertility Yoga

In Fertility yoga the aim is to nurture a healthy womb. Part of the focus is on optimising blood flow to muscles and connective tissues in the pelvis. In addition, a variety of yoga techniques are used to help women cope with the stress associated with uncertainties around this time and to increase the ability to self-nurture in preparation for motherhood.

You may be making plans to conceive or perhaps you have been trying to make a baby for some time. The Birthlight Fertility classes are designed to help you to relax, and to enhance your pelvic health.

Deep rest is always included in classes because reducing stress is an important factor in boosting the functions of the reproductive system. The complexities of this are explained fully during classes.

Fertility Yoga is offered as a private class. This can be in your own home, or in a studio on John Street, Sheffield, or via remote video platforms such as Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp.

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