What my students say…

I was asked by Wendy, owner of FlowMotion Life, to provide some testimonials from regular students. So I asked if anybody would, and I am very grateful to have received these encouraging words. Thank you!

“I’ve had both one to one sessions with Jane and attended her group classes. I found her professional, extremely knowledgeable, helpful and caring. In class she is always aware of any physical issues her clients have and adapts exercises and positions to suit individuals when necessary. Quite simply the best yoga teacher I’ve come across.” Angela Churm.

“In her classes Jane encourages everyone to tune into their own body and do what is best for you, today, in this class, which might be challenging yourself a little further, or choosing a gentler version of a pose. I always finish a class feeling that I have given my body a healthy workout.” Alicia Rowe

“I have been attending Jane’s yoga classes on and off for about ten years.  During that time I have tried other teachers on occasion, but I always end up coming back to Jane.  Why?  Well, she obviously has an extensive knowledge of yoga, and knows how to make it accessible to beginners and experts alike.  This makes her classes suitable for people of all types, ages, and abilities. But Jane also makes the classes interesting by explaining the theory, and by providing variety, so ensuring that students never get bored.  In summary, Jane’s yoga is not only useful but a whole lot of fun!” Helen Krasner

“Jane is a superb yoga teacher. I have attended her classes for at least 5 years! Jane is always well prepared for each session and is always there and composed at least 15 minutes before the start time of a class. She is very good at making everyone in a class very comfortable. Jane establishes a climate in which everyone is keen and motivated to engage in the routines and postures which she always selects thoughtfully and she introduces variety in a way which helps to maintain interest and focus on different beneficial areas of practice. There is always a good progression in Jane’s classes and a good sense of pace. Challenging elements are introduced, but Jane always gives people the chance to be happy with what feels right for them. Jane always provides just the right amount of information and demonstration to ensure people do postures as they should be done. And she is diligent in spotting where advice and correction may be needed and delivers this in a thoughtful and sensitive manner. Jane always consistently brings a sunny warm disposition to her classes and she is excellent at encouraging people to understand the benefits of yoga in terms of good physical and mental well-being. I feel we in Matlock are very fortunate to have yoga teachers of Jane’s calibre running regular yoga classes on our doorstep! Jane’s dedicated professionalism results in a standard of teaching best described as ‘Excellent’!” John Mordue