Pelvic Power Workshops

How do I strengthen my pelvic floor?

Join me on Zoom, I’ll teach you everything you need to know in a fun and fascinating session. I will help you to understand the anatomy fully so that your pelvic floor exercises are effective.

How much?

Just £20 to join a group zoom workshop.

You only need to attend once to learn everything you need to know.

I run these on various days at various times, approximately twice each month.

With a valuable gift for attendees. 3 carefully designed Core and Pelvic Power Sessions for you to practice at home. These are yours to keep and so you can repeat them as often as you like.

Or you can book my workshop for yourself for £70. You might choose to share the fee with your friends or clients, but some people want a one to one session because they prefer that as a learning experience.

Get in touch with me to discuss dates

Who is it for?

The workshop is suitable for all bodies, all genders, all ages.

What does the workshop involve?

My pelvic floor strengthening workshop teaches you how to do pelvic floor exercises properly, no more ineffective squeezes. Learn how to look after those important supporting muscles for life.

The workshop will teach you about the anatomy of the whole team of pelvic and abdominal muscles needed for effective strengthening.

Plus a selection of exercises that are so effective, you will only need to do a few each day.

It does not need to take more than a few minutes a day to get you feeling in control of these muscles again. Even just a small number of pelvic floor exercises each day gives you amazing results if you are doing them properly.

Learn all about pelvic and abdominal anatomy, and how to link your pelvic floor exercises with good breathing techniques for really effective pelvic floor strengthening, with the added bonus of lower stress levels and relief from hip tension, sciatica and lower back discomfort.

The workshop includes a selection of simple but powerful pelvic floor exercises to compliment the anatomy knowledge. By practicing these techniques, you can expect stronger pelvic floor muscles, stronger abdominal muscles, a more stable pelvis. But it is not all about strength. I will also teach you how to balance power with flexibility for optimal health.

The chances of parts of our bodies becoming unwell is higher if we do not look after them. If your pelvic floor muscles are already functioning poorly, and you don’t do anything, they will probably get worse. Many many older people suffer from some level of incontinence. Let’s take charge of these muscles as soon as possible and aim to prevent it.

The workshops are easy to understand, lighthearted and entertaining.

Interacting during the workshop is optional. Questions are always welcomed, but it is also fine to stay muted, or even to keep your video camera off if you prefer.