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Children’s Yoga and Parties

children's yoga

Children’s Yoga

children's yogaWildly different to adult yoga classes!

The children’s classes can be in two styles. One involves fun adventure stories acted out using yoga movements to represent the various characters, animals and objects.

The other way to engage the children is to use skillfully designed games which make learning yoga postures enjoyable and easy.

With the stories, children might fly on a magic carpet, surf a wave or float off in a hot air balloon. They might encounter pirates, aliens or sea creatures, maybe they’ll swim with sharks or visit distant galaxies.

During games they might be asked to try traditional activities such as ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ or ‘Grandmother’s footsteps’, or maybe something new and exciting like human skittles!

In all classes, children also learn how to find peace and calm using breathing, meditation and relaxaxtion techniques that are specifically designed to be easy for children to access.

Classes last for half an hour with time for a drink and a biscuit or piece of fruit afterwards.

Refreshments are provided for adults too, you can relax with a drink while your children enjoy the class, or join in!

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    Current Classes

    Tuesdays 2pm – 2.30pm at The Playmill, Bonsall. Just turn up. The class is included as part of the admission fee for 2 hours of playing at this lovely family run play centre. Admission fee just £4. We don’t include complimentary refreshments at this venue but there is an excellent cafe.

    and in various schools in Derbyshire.