What is Fertility Yoga?

Fertility Yoga sessions are gentle, nurturing and deeply relaxing with the understanding that the body is better prepared to conceive if the effects of stress in the body are reduced. When we experience stress and don’t counter it, (this is most of us!), the reproductive system doesn’t get the fully flowing circulation of blood that it needs to works effectively, and for some people that means that babies aren’t conceived as easily. So part of our fertility yoga class will be guided breath work and relaxation which is proven, in many studies, to counter the effects of stress. I’ll explain really clearly how the body science works during our session(s). In addition we will do lots of fun and effective movements which generally help the body to be in good condition and specifically work on mobilising the pelvis to improve blood flow and benefit all the organs, muscles and connective tissues in the pelvis,improving their function.   It would be great to work with you for a few sessions, but even just one, (and a commitment to home practice), could teach you lots of the things that will help towards a healthy reproductive system.

Those who are taking the route of assisted conception, including IVF, can find support in these sessions for each stage of the process. Some studies show that success rates for assisted conception can be improved with regular yoga practice. We can never make any promises, but I would love to do anything I can to help. I understand how important this is.