Pelvic Power Workshops

How do I strengthen my pelvic floor? Come join me on Zoom, I’ll teach you everything you need to know. This workshop teaches you how to do pelvic floor exercises effectively. Pelvic floor exercises do not need to take very long. You just need to understand the anatomy of the pelvic floor and the team of muscles that surround it, so that just a few pelvic floor exercises practiced regularly give you amazing results. It does not need to take more than a few minutes a day to get you feeling in control of these muscles again.

Learn all about pelvic muscles, abdominal anatomy, and how to link pelvic floor exercises with good breathing techniques for effective pelvic floor strengthening.

The workshop includes a selection of simple but powerful pelvic floor exercises to compliment the anatomy knowledge. By practicing these techniques, you can expect stronger pelvic floor muscles, stronger abdominal muscles, a more stable pelvis. The exercises can release hip tension, sooth lower back discomfort and stop incontinence.

Regular pelvic floor strengthening workshops live online, every month via Zoom. Or learn to strengthen your pelvic floor sessions in a private class scheduled to suit you, (you can invite your friends to make it feel more affordable). Email for details.

The workshop is suitable for all bodies, all genders, all ages.

I strongly believe that you need this knowledge. You need this because, like many of our body muscles, if you don’t exercise the pelvic muscles, if you ignore them, they will lose their tone. If they are already weak, and you ignore them, they will get weaker. Age gradually weakens the pelvic floor, regardless of whether you have pushed a baby through those muscles, and many many older people suffer from some level of weakness. Let’s take charge of these muscles and aim to prevent it.

Just £8, for an hour, (plus time for Q&As), in a group on Zoom, or £45 for a private session.

Groups are held monthly, (although you only need to attend once). On Thursday evenings at 8pm. Please get in touch for the next dates.

Booking a place is easy, (by email). Payment can be a bank transfer or via paypal. Zoom codes are sent out after payment is received.

The workshops are easy to understand, lighthearted and entertaining. You won’t regret attending one.